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Здзіўляцца гатычных Аркі абацтва Di San Galgano

Пакуль не апублікавана by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Краіна: Італія


Tuscany, Italy is home to the mysterious Abbazia Di San Galgano ruins. The site includes a roofless cathedral and a round hermitage built in the medieval period. Built in mid-1220s, the Abbazia Di San Galgano is an example of a Cistercian chapel mainly built for usage than for display of grandiosity. Nonetheless, the Gothic arches of Abbazia di San Galgano never fail to impress visitors who come to see and experience the mystery of the place. The Abbazia Di San Galgano was built by Galgano Guidotti. He was a young Tuscan knight who had a vision of the Archangel Michael leading him to Montesiepi where he was met by the Apostles and the Virgin Mary, who instructed him to build a round-shaped chapel in an isolated place. At first, the young knight found the feat impossible and proclaimed that if driving his sword into a stone is possible, then he can also achieve what he was being ask to do. At the same time, he struck the stone with his sword and drove it easily into it that he immediately accepted becoming a hermit. It is said that the Abbazia di San Galgano's better days were short-lived and that the place gradually fell into ruins.



Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

Presently, the best time to see the Gothic arches of Abbazia di San Galgano is in April on Easter Monday, which is coincidentally the saint's feastday. Concerts and festivities start at 9 in the evening. The weather near the Abbazia di San Galgano during April is dry and sunny and it is low season for tourists. Moreover, prices of accommodation may be lower than during the summer. You may also enjoy a concert in the roofless cathedral but you may have to book reservations beforehand. Moreover, the circular chapel is still being used to hear mass to this very day every Sunday morning. The chapel still houses St. Galgano's sword stuck into a stone and some relics from the place. This round chapel is a short walk from the roofless cathedral ruins and it will complete your visit to the Abbazia di San Galgano. To make you more interested, St. Galgano and the history of the abbey are also alleged to be the basis for the mythical King Arthur as well as the home of the Holy Grail. Enthusiasts will surely love this bit of history and will not be disappointed because the Abbazia Di San Galgano's history and other circumstances match coincidentally with the allegations.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

Ёсць шмат віл расставіць месца на шляху да Abbazia дзі Сан Galgano. Некаторыя з гэтых віл і інтэрнаты маюць уласныя стайні і не за гарамі Abbazia дзі Сан Galgano. Настойліва рэкамендуецца, каб праверыць абацтва на конях. Прынясіце лёгкую вопратку і зручную абутак і дажджы душ, калі вы збіраецеся паехаць у канцы красавіка. Ніжэй прыводзіцца інфармацыя, калі вы хочаце прыняць удзел у канцэрце на той падставе, абацтва, а таксама падрабязную інфармацыю аб мясцовым офісе турыстычнай каля абацтва.

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