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Паўстанце па Магічныя пяшчаніку вежы ў Externstein

Пакуль не апублікавана by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Краіна: Германія


The Externstein is an enchanting rock formation that lies in the heart of the Teutoburger forest located in Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. Climbing these sandstone pillars will definitely transport you to another place in time. Interestingly, these are not ordinary sandstone formations. According to experts, the Externstein dates as early as 10000 BC and have been thought to be a site for rituals and worships of pagans. In contrast to its pagan connection, a roofless chapel was also carved out of one of the sandstones and may be accessed through a narrow staircase carved by Christian hermits who occupied the Externstein during the medieval period. Perhaps the Externstein has also been used as an observatory for astronomy during the old ages because there is a spot where one will see the first rays of the sun after a winter is located in one of the sandstone pillars. The lush greenery provides contrast to the gray sandstones and one may see stunning views of the place when atop the stone formations.



Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

The best time to go to the Externstein is on June, during the summer solstice, where it is free to camp on the grounds surrounding the sandstones for 2-3 days. However, if you are going to camp for a longer time and beyond the dates of the summer solstice holiday, expect the policemen and rangers to fine you €35 for camping out illegally on the place. Also, if you would prefer to be alone or among some tourists on the Externstein, avoid the summer and the winter solstices where a lot of people camp out and create bonfires and dance to musical instruments. Temperature during this time will range at 16-21 °C. It is a favorite spot of people who are involved with new age belief and mysticism. The place gets its charm from being mystical and one would immediately notice the vitality and enchantment of Externstein.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

If you choose to travel to Germany to see the Externstein, there is no strict rule in clothing. Dress appropriately and bring rain gear for the occasional shower. Camping during the summer solstice is a great experience to meet people who are interested in mystical things. However, there is a minimal fee to climb the sandstone towers during this time, around € 1.50. Parking is easily available. There is no accommodation in the Externstein so beware if you choose to camp because there are no bathrooms beyond 5pm in the afternoon. Bring your own food, toiletries and a tent if you will spend the night on the camp grounds. It is not advisable to camp here if you are not the sort of person to enjoy the outdoors. To get to the Externstein, it is advisable to rent your own car from Horn-Bad Meinberg. There are buses and a train going near the area but you won’t get off at the exact spot and would need to hike further. If you want to visit for a day trip or a night trip instead, book a hotel in nearby Horn-Bad Meinberg.

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