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Неверагодныя цуды Ложак Выкапні Florissant

Пакуль не апублікавана by Sreemoti Majumdar

Краіна: Злучаныя Штаты


The US state of Colorado is known for its incredible natural beauty. There is a little bit of everything here. You will find big cities and smaller towns. There are many beautiful national parks here like the Mesa Verde National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Gunnison National Park among others. There’s Aspen for you, if you are somebody who loves winter sports. And if you are somebody who is thrilled with the old world of dinosaurs and the lost world of floral beautifies from another time, then you should certainly visit the Florissant Fossil Beds at least once. You are sure to be stunned once you see the huge number of displays here. Just one visit is never enough. If you have gone to the Florissant Fossil Beds once, you will probably want to come back for more.

У Выкапні Ложкі Florissant мае статус нацыянальнага помніка. Ён размешчаны ў Тэлер Каўнці ў штаце Каларада, ЗША. Гэта месца славіцца некалькі уражлівых рэшткаў або закамянеласцяў жывёл і раслін з мільёнаў гадоў у мінулае. Проста наведайце Florissant раз. Вы, несумненна, будуць ашаломленыя. Вы каханая € ™ т павінны пайсці ў музей, каб убачыць закамянеласці больш. Гэта, безумоўна, будзе зусім іншы вопыт, калі вы можаце ўбачыць гэтыя закамянеласці па-за там пад адкрытым небам.

Today, the entire region is hot and arid, like many other parts of Colorado. But it was not like this always. 35 million years in the past, this was a lush green valley where there were thousands of redwood trees, if not more. There were lakes and other water bodies here. Completing the ecological cycle were the animals that used to roam the valleys and the water bodies either alone or in herds, depending on the species. This was the Eocene age. The world as we know today was still not formed. Asia and Europe were not connected. There was a huge sea dividing Europe and Africa. What is India today was sailing somewhere in the present day Arabian Sea. Greenland was closer to the Americas. Central America was just a few scattered islands.

The Earth’s geology was much more active than what it is today. The tectonic plates were colliding and volcanoes were erupting now and then. That’s what happened here too. Boom! Today, what is known as the Thirty Nine Mile volcanic zone erupted, sending down rivers of fire and lava. This engulfed all plant and animal life. The entire valley got buried in this. Thousands of plants and insects from the Eocene age became permanently sealed in the lava. There are basically two types of fossils here – carbon impressions of insects and plants, and huge fossils of redwood tree stumps. The entire ecology of the system became preserved for us to explore and understand today. A national park was established here in 1969 to preserve them and encourage visitors to learn about these fossils from the Eocene age. Its name comes from the town with the same name, which is just a drive away from the park. This park is today spread over 5,998 acres.

You will do well to start your trip by visiting the Visitor Center first. See the orientation film titled “Shadows of the Past”. It will tell you about the area when it was still a lush green valley, how the volcanoes erupted, and how the plants and animals got fossilized. This film ends up informing you what you can see in the Florissant Fossil Beds today. See this film and then proceed to check out the fossil displays in the Visitor Center itself. Having done this, you are then ready to explore one of the many hiking trails in the park. There are as many as 15 trails you can choose from. But the most popular one is the “Petrified Forest Loop”. You can do this trail on your own, or you may go on a guided tour. Apart from the fossils you will see, you will certainly love the natural beauty too.

Doing the Petrified Forest Loop is easy. It is an easy hike on this one mile loop. You will be able to explore the bed of the ancient lake. You can see the petrified stumps on one side. Do not miss out the “Big Stump”, which is about 38 feet tall. This is the most famous landmark here. You will also visit an excavation pit, where paleontologists are even today busy excavating for more fossils from the Eocene age. Another trail that you can select is the Ponderosa Loop. This is a smaller trail that leads you through a relatively modern forest where Native Americans used to remove the barks for food. You can choose any of the other trails too. You will find fewer tourists there.

Ёсць шмат праграм, Ranger у парку. Рэйнджар дасць вам перамоў па areaâ € ™ з гісторыяй, а затым асабіста вас праз прыродныя сцежкі. Дзеці любяць гэты парк, таму што ёсць Ranger Праграма Малодшы тут для іх. Дзеці, якія ва ўзросце ад 6 да 11 гадоў могуць завяршыць гэтую праграму і атрымаць патч або значок. Хоць гэтая праграма прызначана для дзяцей, але людзі з любога ўзросту можа прыняць удзел.

Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

The best time of year to visit the park is in the winter. Colorado can be very hot in the summer months, and so, it is better that you avoid visiting then. Though the trails are not very long, but you will still need to do some walking. Also, do remember that, all the while, you will be left exposed to the elements, because you are out there in the open. However the park itself is open for visitors throughout the year. But unlike many other parks, the Florissant Fossil Bed remains open between 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening during the summer, and between 9 and 5 in the winter and spring.

Вы абавязаны плаціць ўступны ўнёсак у $ 3. Плата з'яўляецца аднолькавым для дарослых і для дзяцей. Гэты збор дзейнічае на працягу 7 дзён. Там няма неабходнасці, каб знайсці любы тураператар, таму што вы можаце ездзіць у парк на свой уласны, прыпаркаваць аўтамабіль, і зрабіць сцежкі.

Калі вы шукаеце месца для адпачынку, то вы будзеце рады даведацца, што ёсць шмат домікаў у гэтым раёне. Большасць з іх размешчаныя ў суседніх гарадах Woodland Park і Раўчуку Калекі. Ёсць шмат сайтаў, кемпінгі таксама. Большасць з іх знаходзяцца на Шчука Нацыянальная лясная і ў Дзяржаўным парку Мюлера, абодва з якіх з'яўляюцца вельмі блізка да выкапняў Bed Florissant.


Дасведчаныя гэта і ёсць, чым падзяліцца? Дасведчаны нешта падобнае ў іншым месцы? Гледзячы на кансультацыі ці спадарожнікаў? Выкарыстоўвайце гэтае месца пакінуць свой след. Нашы аўтары і рэдактары з'яўляюцца больш шчаслівымі, каб дапамагчы адказаць на вашыя пытанні.