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Граф відаў у трапічных найбуйнейшым возерам свету, на возеры Вікторыя

Пакуль не апублікавана by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Краіна: Танзанія, Аб'яднаная Рэспубліка


Lake Victoria, the world's largest tropical lake is home to numerous species of fish and wildlife that thrive along its banks. Its southern portion is located in Tanzania and is bounded by two other countries in the north namely, Uganda and Kenya. It is enormous yet shallow, which makes it a good venue for canoeing. Visitors are even encouraged to fish in its waters for a little immersion. Aside from fishing and canoeing, the enormous Lake Victoria is dotted with white sand beaches and scenic islands good for exploration, island-hopping, bird-watching, safari tours and more.

Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

The best time to see the Lake Victoria is from August to September when weather is not too hot and generally in good condition to do water sports and other activities. If you fancy historical tours, there are also archaeological sites to explore in the area. What's more, it is good to travel to the Lake Victoria in Tanzania because you won't feel overcrowded by peddlers and tourists which are common sights during the peak season. However, a potential drawback for traveling during this season is that lake tours as well as safari excursions may be a bit expensive than usual. The best way to offset this is to travel in a group and stay in lodges. Many people love fishing and marvel at the diverse species in the Lake Victoria and also visit surrounding places in Tanzania. One of the most popular fish for tourist catch is the Nile Perch which you must definitely try; the fish can grow as long as 6 feet! Water sports like wind surfing are also available if the wind condition is good. Bird enthusiasts will get to appreciate many bird species while exploring the lake because there are lots of animal reserves in the area. Safari tours are also a must if you are traveling in a group and you still have plenty of time to explore the rest of Tanzania.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

Here are some reminders if you decide to travel to Tanzania and visit Lake Victoria, the world's largest tropical lake. Prior to your visit, ask your doctor for pre-treatment of malaria and immunization for yellow fever. This is a must when going to tropical countries like Tanzania. The weather will be balmy, wear clothes that are light and airy but never provocative. Bring sunscreen and insect-repellant to prevent mosquitoes from biting at night. If you happen to want to go swimming on the blue waters of the lake, avoid wading in the bank where snails are. Lake Victoria is also famous for these snails that are host to deadly parasites that can get into your bloodstream even without open wounds, take care not to wade or walk where these snails are. US dollars are widely accepted for exchange; do not bring travelers' checks and credit cards because only few banks and establishments will accept payment through these, unless they are major hotels in the country. Here are some useful sites that may help you in case you plan to see the world's largest tropical lake and the rest of Tanzania:

Спік Bay Lodge
Адрас: Мванза, Танзанія
Факс: +255 0 2621237

Насарог Афрыка
Тэл:. +27 21 469 2600


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