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Падбадзёрлівы і Святы Onabashira Дрэва пракаткі фестываль

Пакуль не апублікавана by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Краіна: Японія


The Onabashira tree-rolling festival is one of the most dangerous festivals celebrated in Nagano, Japan. It runs for more than one month and only takes place every 6 years. Participants to the Onabashira tree-rolling festival face serious risks and injuries because the rites involve hauling 16 enormous logs down a mountain. These amazingly heavy logs could date as much as 100 years old and are gathered to replace the four posts of each of the four shrines of the Suwa Taisha as a symbol of their restoration and rejuvenation. According to legend, these logs are believed to transfer their energies to the shrines. On the first of April, locals cut down 16 selected trees to be used to the Onabashira tree-rolling festival. The trees are "dressed" and prepared for the occasion by being wrapped in red and white, colors that are popular in the Shinto tradition. Big ropes are tied ceremoniously around them for use in heaving. Men and even some courageous women help pull the heavy logs from the mountain, down to the edge of a hill in Suwa. This task takes at least 3 days.

Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

The best time to experience the Onabashira tree-rolling festival is during the Kiotoshi roll held on April 3rd or 4th. The Kiotoshi roll starts when the logs reach the bank of a steep hill and where brave and physically fit men get ready to ride the logs down to the edge of the river dangerously. This particular part of the festival is so famous that the last time it was celebrated almost 2 million people came to witness it. There are good seats available if you are willing to pay for the cost. Moreover, it is recommended to watch from a distance to avoid getting hurt. Reports of death from getting trampled, drowning and heart attack from the Onabashira tree-rolling festival are not uncommon. People from the side lines watch and cheer for the brave men who unsuccessfully try to remain on the logs approaching the bottom of the hill. Then, logs are pulled and steered downstream to the direction of the shrines where they will be vertically hoisted up with men singing and shouting songs of success while they try to cling to the logs. These will be the sacred pillars for the next 6 years until another Onabashira tree-rolling festival is held.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

If you plan to experience the Onabashira tree-rolling festival, the next one will be held on 2016. Be prepared to book your reservations beforehand because lots of tourists will be going to the place. It is recommended to stay in Suwa, Nagano. However, this is a popular tourist attraction so prices of accommodation during this time may be higher than in winter. If there are no accommodations available in Suwa, book in places near the Japan Rail to get to the place easily. Weather will be cool, bring light jacket and some rain gear just in case it rains. Also, bring lots of cash just in case ATMs and banks will be closed during the Onabashira tree-rolling festival. Here are some of the places you may check out if you're looking for accommodation in Suwa on April:

Hotel Route-Inn Suwa (5-мін ад Kamisuwa станцыі Японіі Rail Тюо Майне)
Адрас: Коган-Доры, Сува-Сіці
Тэл:. 0266-53-0500

Onbashira Інфармацыйны цэнтр
Тэл:. 0266-26-2102


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