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Ідэальны Суполка ў Сан-Мігель-дас Missoes

Пакуль не апублікавана by Vanessa Boiser, Writer

Краіна: Аргенціна


Sao Miguel das Missoes, located in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, is the site of an old ruins where a perfect society was said to have lived. You will find yourself having mixed feelings of awe and regret that it fell to ruin. The Sao Miguel das Missoes was built by Jesuit missions who subtly gained power and were attacked by state- and church-backed marauders in the late 1700. It is a place where natives were converted to become a sophisticated society that produced their own laws, music and arts. Consequently, the buildings with superb architecture and the sophisticated culture fell into ruin. But evidences of their existence and stories passed from generations of Guarani Indians will always bring us back to its glorious past. Presently, the only structures left standing are foundations of the red-brick church, a cross and a statue of St. Michael the Archangel defeating the devil represented as half-man, half-woman.




Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

The best time to visit the Sao Miguel das Missoes is from December-March during summer because the place also experiences occasional snow during the winter. It is good to spend at least 2 days in Sao Miguel das Missoes to experience the light and sound show in the evening with authentic Guarani Indian music is played on the background. Historical enthusiasts will be treated to a unique architecture and culture that has once been prosperous throughout the area. Presently, you can still find Guarani Indians selling their goods in the Sao Miguel das Missoes. Do not forget to buy something when you get to visit. Sao Miguel das Missoes tour guides will also play some of the musical pieces originally written by the Guarani Indians who lived in the 1700s. This is an awe-inspiring evidence of the once sophisticated culture that grazed the area. Some tourists even buy a CD that contains the same music. Music sheets were found in Bolivia just recently and were arranged to create a Guarani Indian music album. You may also buy one to support the preservation of the missions.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

To get there, look for car rental services available, they are abundant in the area. You may also earn discounts if you booked in advance. Sao Miguel das Missoes is a pretty long drive from Porto Allegre. Make sure you are well-stocked for food and water before going on a drive to the Sao Miguel das Missoes. As for the type of clothes to wear, summer in Brazil can get very hot, so wear light and comfortable clothes and shoes. Women tend to be dressy in that area so it is advisable to bring a dress or two. Don’t forget to bring swimwear since you might also want to check out the coast after you’ve traveled to the Sao Miguel das Missoes.

Ёсць шмат добрых гатэляў і пенсійных дамоў паблізу Сан-Мігель-дас Missoes руінах. Гэта найбольш рэкамендуецца:

Уілсан Park Hotel
Тэл:. 55-55-3381-2000

Pousada дас Missoes (размешчаны ўсяго ў 90meters ад руін)

Missoes Turismo
Тэл:. 55-55-3381-1319


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