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Адкрыйце для сябе "Сажалка" Сан-Андрэс, Калумбія

Апублікавана by Jodi Garner, Writer

Краіна: Калумбія


The unique island of San Andres sits off the coast of Costa Rica, Colombia, but is miles away from a “typical” Caribbean island. This Spanish-infused wonderland has maintained many of the natural features of the island, and is one of the few islands not overtaken by tourism. This allows visitors an opportunity rarely found throughout many of the Caribbean islands to actually experience the quiet and tranquility while observing natural wildlife in an undisturbed setting. “The Pond” of San Andres is a large lagoon situated at the highest point of San Andres island.

While the trek into The Pond on San Andres can be quite treacherous, it is part of the journey. Many of the roads of San Andres are a single lane dirt road winding around small farms and local dwellings. Watch out as you climb along these roads as wild dogs, cats and cows are among the wildlife that tends to wander into the way of traffic. Following any road that leads up San Andres’ only mountain will lead you to The Pond, and you know you have reached the mountain’s peak when you spot San Andres’ small church that overlooks the breathtaking scenery from atop the mountain.

A few hundred meters down from the church, a small overgrown path disappears into the forest. This is the way to The Pond. No large sign, flashing arrow or marking will show you its entrance; but a few meters down the trail, four rickety wooden steps will tell you you’re on the right path. The trail will soon open up under the canopy of wonderfully lush vegetation. A wide variety of trees from natural Guava, Hog Apple and sugarcane surround the trail. Fruits larger than you’d ever see in a grocery store hang from every tree causing the limbs to bend under the enormous weight. Oftentimes the locals of Sand Andres are kind enough to walk with you through the forest and describe the wonderful flora and the ancient healing medicines that are locked within the bark of certain trees. Some flowers can ward off bad luck; others can heal broken bones, or even a broken heart.

Continuing along this path, the ground will soon get swampy, and old wooden boardwalks will keep your feet dry, but ensure that there was no recent rainfall before your journey or the boardwalk is likely underwater. Soon you will see a break from the greenery, and what lies ahead is what makes this journey so wonderful. The Pond of San Andres is a beautiful lagoon whose dark murky waters are home to large crocodiles that will watch you closely as you walk The Pond’s shoreline. Wild vines and ivy cover fallen trees and add to the beauty. Many old wooden fences remain from early farming days, and large flowers shoot out from the many trees and plants. Birds of every size and colour also call The Pond home, and it is not uncommon to see a large heron or stork wadding through the shallow waters.

Што такое рэдкасць сустрэць, аднак, людзі,. У той час як сажалка з'яўляецца localâ € ™ з сакрэтам, нешматлікія на самай справе зрабіць паход да яе на рэгулярнай аснове. Некалькі маленькіх рыбацкіх лодак часам можна ўбачыць, але па большай частцы Сажалка з'яўляецца даволі спакойнае месца, дзе вы можаце атрымліваць асалоду ад востраў пачуццё і прыгажосць Сан-Андрэс-свойму. Назіраць за птушкамі, атрымаць асалоду ад свежай садавінай, пах кветак, і па большай частцы атрымліваць асалоду ад цішынёй і спакоем сажалкі Сан-Андрэс, Калумбія.




Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

У той час як Сан-Андрэс, Калумбія прыгожа ў любы час года, лепшы час для наведвання выспы з снежня па красавік. Гэтыя месяцы маюць мала шанцаў на дождж і пазбегнуць сезон ураганаў. Аднак, гэта таксама робіць іх самым загружаным ў дачыненні да турыстаў. Сезон ураганаў doesnâ € ™ т афіцыйна пачаць да верасня, але з чэрвеня магчымасць дажджу значна ўзрастае.

Каэфіцыенты N 'заканчваецца

Other attraction on San Andres Island, Colombia include the small geyser at Hoyo Soplador, the white beaches of San Luis, Haynes Cave, Morgan’s Cave, the diving centre of West View and Acuaro, and snorkelling at La Piscinita and the coral islet of Johnny Bay. For boating out to dive, “El Cove” (The Cove) has the deepest anchorage facility, with a depth of up to 30 metres. The island is very popular as a dive site, with favourable conditions for this activity. Coral reef and marine life, as well as underwater plateaus, and diving lessons put a tick in the box for diving enthusiasts to San Andres, Colombia.


Дасведчаныя гэта і ёсць, чым падзяліцца? Дасведчаны нешта падобнае ў іншым месцы? Гледзячы на кансультацыі ці спадарожнікаў? Выкарыстоўвайце гэтае месца пакінуць свой след. Нашы аўтары і рэдактары з'яўляюцца больш шчаслівымі, каб дапамагчы адказаць на вашыя пытанні.