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Tollwood фестываль

Пакуль не апублікавана by Maria

Краіна: Германія


Сайт Ключавыя словы (выкарыстоўвайце адзін з гэтых слоў адзін раз) - свет падарожжаў, лепшае месца для падарожжа, лепш за ўсё падарожжа, падарожнічаць па свеце
Цэнтральны ключавыя словы (выкарыстанне двух або больш паслядоўна па ўсім) - Tollwood фестываль у Мюнхене Fest, Tollwood Летні фестываль, квіткі Tollwood, Мюнхен гадовы фестываль
Партнёрская ключавыя словы (выкарыстоўвайце як мага больш як мага лепш) - Мюнхен тура, гатэлі ў Мюнхен, рэйсы ў Германію, туры ў Мюнхен

Калі лепш за ўсё ехаць

It is no secret in Germany that one of the big cultural festivals of the summer and wintertime is the Tollwood Festival, which is one of the country´s largest attractions that help make Munich a very stylish destination and one of the best places to travel to in the world. As a matter of fact very big names in music have taken up a stage at this rather majestic and beautifully illuminated festival including such greats as Billy Idol, Lou Reed, Lady Antebellum and many more. In fact, at one of these festivals you are likely to witness the return of some big names in music from the past as many artists and bands take the opportunity to rock and thrill their fans for one last time at the Tollwood.

But don´t be fooled, there is much more to enjoy at the Tollwood Festival besides music. At the Tollwood Summer Festival guests have 25 days to enjoy all kinds of performances and exhibitions as well as the greater Munich area. In fact, this particular festival prides itself in serving as a platform for all kinds of theatre groups that are worthy of international recognition and strives each year to push the boundaries of the imagination. For example, a popular outdoor performance entitled As the World Tipped was an extraordinary feat of acrobatics that wowed audiences here with aerial theater that told a cautionary tale of ecological crisis. From humor and drama to just plain old artistic productions, one is sure to admire something they´ve never quite seen before at the Tollwood Summer Festival.

Па падыходу новага года, Tollwood Зімовы Фестываль праходзіць у велізарнай травяністай парк пад назвай Тэрэзы што тое ж самае месца, што і Октоберфест, самы папулярны пітной фестывалю ў свеце. Парк вядомы як месца прызначэння забавак з усімі відамі паездак, каб выпрабаваць і на Каляды яна становіцца вельмі жывое месца на самай справе, поўны музыкі і, вядома, піць.

It is in the spirit of the event that visitors are invited to check out the hundreds of events that are presented each year, most of which are absolutely free of charge. And indeed the options are diverse as even the most refined crowds are sure to find that even the food is something to cherish and explore. One aspect of this festival that is always meant to impress is the fine art displays that can be found throughout and invite all to critique and enjoy at their own pace and leisure. Besides being a wonderful bash, the Tollwood Festival is also strongly supportive of ecological and environmental awareness, as a matter of fact the catering for this festival is certified organic and hence rather unique and worth noting.

In any case, a trip to Tollwood Festival should really be seen as part of a bigger Munich travel package as the city is truly touristic and there are all kinds of things to in Munich. In fact, there are kinds of festivals to be found throughout the year. These include the oldest own called Auer Dult which is a unique fair that celebrates trading, food and family fun. The Munich Spring Festival is another rather relaxed event that boasts all kinds of traditional music, charming culture and plenty of arts and crafts to fill more than one afternoon.

When trying to book a room, you´ll notice that the lodging options are truly very extensive and that many hotels in Munich are very historical as well as elegant. And it is no wonder when considering why art lovers are sure to revel in the beautiful and strong cultural significance of Munich. You can visit a number of historical and educational opportunities at the city´s museums, that include a wide scope of science museums as well as art centers that feature works from all kinds of periods in time. Tourists can also admire the local architecture that tells all kinds of stories about their influence and particular nuances.

Так што плануйце адпаведна вас цікавіць і ўлічыць, што паездка на фестываль Tollwood гэта толькі пачатак, каб whatâ ў краме для вас у багаты і гісторыі багатага горада Мюнхена.


Дасведчаныя гэта і ёсць, чым падзяліцца? Дасведчаны нешта падобнае ў іншым месцы? Гледзячы на кансультацыі ці спадарожнікаў? Выкарыстоўвайце гэтае месца пакінуць свой след. Нашы аўтары і рэдактары з'яўляюцца больш шчаслівымі, каб дапамагчы адказаць на вашыя пытанні.